EP “Bisch Du Oft Do?” out now


Haunted by childhood memories of Postman Pat and the ghost of Kurt Weill, Caroline and Fabian formed “Schöni Frau” at the beginning of 2017. With a Yamaha keyboard, an electric guitar and limited knowledge of how to play them properly, they started making dream pop.

They started off by locking themselves away from civilisation in a remote house in Southern Switzerland—only to discover upon arrival that their guitar amp had broken on the way there. Not really knowing if this endeavour was going to be fruitful, they splurged 30 Swiss Francs (€26) on a replacement amp they found in a music store in the next town. They have been using that amp ever since. Maybe they’ll buy a new amp next weekend.

“Schöni Frau” is Swiss German for “Beautiful Woman”. They’re called so because they think it sounds cool.